Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dry, Chapped Lips? What's your remedy?

I have dry, chapped lips all my life. I am not sure if it's due to the weather or I just don't drink enough water. I pretty much do everything I can to keep my lips healthy. You know, healthy lips equal to sexy lips! I normally use a rough towel to scrub my lips, but that will leave me tons of used towels to wash at the end of the week. Eeek! I got tired of doing the chores,  so I went to Sephora (a real good excuse to buy other beauty products!) to get some lip scrubber or lip butter, and of course I ended up buying all these! Ha! Ha!

Well, I really think I need all of these products. ;) We'll see if I get to them soon. So far,  I have only tried Brown Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh, so this post will only be about that.

The sugar inside Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. Looks yummy isn't it? :)

So what is this Fresh Sugar Lip Polish? 

It is actually a lip scrub/ lip treatment made from real brown sugar crystal. Besides brown sugar, this product also has other great ingredients like shea butter, and essential oils from meadowfoam, jojoba and grape seeds. All of these ingredients, especially the shea butter which has been clinically proven to have superior moisturizing properties and contains a high concentration of vitamin A&E will keep your lips well moisturized.

I finally tried this Sugar Brown Lip Polish today and I loved it! All I did was gently scrub my lips with a tiny amount of product. It didn't take that long to remove all those dry flakes and dead cells. Just under a minute. The result is well moisturized and squeaky cleaned lips. My lips are looking healthier than ever. :) And since Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish is made from sugar/food technically, I think it is OK if you to mistakenly swallow the product. I did, and it didn't make me sick at all. I actually liked its sweet taste!

My only complaint about Brown Sugar Lip Polish is that the product is quite expensive. I paid $22.50 for 0.6 oz jar.  Oh well. It's FRESH after all. Not some cheap brands. Unless I know how to mix brown sugar with essential oils, I will continue to buy one. A healthy looking skin is more important than $20, don't you agree?

Anyway, the product can be found at some department stores, and also Sephora if you are interested to give it a try. :)

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