Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Secret Circle Is Now My Favorite New Show!

The Secret Circle finally aired last week after CW spent quite some times making buzz about its new TV show. I did watch the pilot episode and I kinda like the story line. I love everything and anything witches, werewolves and vampires so I had to watch the show. ;). Anyway, from all of the characters in Secret Circle, I am in love with Faye Chamberlain the most. She is supposedly the bad girl in the show which I don't care because she has the most awesome outfits among the girls. This is my favorite look from her:

I love whole combo - the burgundy colored dress paired with a medium size belt, a leather jacket and combat / military style boots. The lovely fringe necklace that Faye has on just completes this whole look. I LOVE IT! This is the kind of style I would normally wear, except the combat boots. I don't own any. I never thought they would look great with a short dress, but I guess I was mistaken. I might want to hit the mall this weekend and check out those combat boots. I think they are awesome! I can't wait for more episodes of Secret Circle for fashion ideas. :) And oh, since I am in love with the total look, I put together an outfit that is similar to the one from the first episode. Enjoy!

The Secret Circle Fashion Style: Faye Chamberlain

Miss Selfridge magenta dress
£37 -

Black blazer
$49 -

Lace up boots
$34 -

Miss Selfridge black studded belt
£14 -

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