Monday, September 19, 2011

S/mileage Sub Members Given An Entry Test

S/mileage Sub Members Given An Entry Test

Tsunku has decided that the fresh faces have to take an entry test for full membership .The sub members have take on a test called “Smile Upload Campaign” to get full membership into the group!

What this means is that the new members have to go out, take peoples pictures, just like their big sisters did, and they have to ask people to upload pictures of their smiles and send it to them via twitter, Facebook, mixi.

This is an interesting test as the members not only have to go out and have to take pictures of people, with that person's cell phone, but also get the person to upload that picture to his/her blog or twitter and post that they have done to using the S/mileage twitter tag. It`s a test of determination and courage.

The results are expected October 16

[uploader by the way has poster entire concert in their account]

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