Monday, September 5, 2011

Fresh Faces: Sphere,LISP, Milky Holmes,RO-KYU-BU

Fresh Faces: Seiyuu Love

One of the areas of the genre we don`t get a chance to cover a lot ,due to time and a overwhelming number of groups out today is Seiyuu Idol groups.

Most Seiyuu units are short term and created just for a certain anime, others like Sphere and LISP”  are just regular units created by Seiyuu who have generated a strong following in their field.

While these units are in many regards underground, I like to place an [*] by that term as many of the regular units sale or have sold when they were active as much or more then Morning Musume.

Therefore, they are underground in the terms that they center on a certain segment of fans, just as Indie Idols focus on pro-Indie wotas.

Therefore, here is a look at a few of the Seiyuu Groups active today [this by the way is not the entire list of groups]

Regular units

This unit that we have covered early on in PIH and was pushed to the side unfairly by the amount of other units that needed to be covered.

When it comes to regular fulltime units Sphere is the leaders and have returned with a new upbeat single LET-ME-DO!!

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Not far behind them is a new unit ,just a year old called LISP is made of the following members Asumi Kana, Kataoka Azusa, and Hara Sayuri and they had their first release in 2010. In April of this year they got their own TV show called LIS★P” [LIS Produce”] to go along with their once a month Nico Nico internet show [LISP Pajama Party].

Here is a 15-minute PV collection from LISP

[LISP Pajama Party]

Full broadcasts are archived here

Milky Holmes

A group that has popped up recently, that has the eye of Seiyuu Idol fans is RO-KYU-BU.
If you are an Up-Front company fan, you want to check out this unit as Yui from YuiKaori is in this unit.


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