Friday, September 16, 2011

Shapes Brow Bar ...shaping my eyebrows to perfection!!

Happy Friday ladies!

I just want to share my great experience at Shapes Brow Bar,  a salon specializing in designing and shaping eyebrows. I am sure some of you have heard of Shapes Brow Bar or have come across their kiosks or small salons somewhere at the malls. Well, that's because Shapes Brow Bar offers franchise opportunity to beauticians who are interested in owning the brand. One thing you guys should know is that Shape Brow Bar offers eyebrow threading as their niche service besides makeup application, mini facial, and eyelash extensions. However,  those additional services are only available at certain locations which I am sure at their regular/bigger salons. The kiosks at the malls only focus on eyebrow threading. That's it. I love going to the kiosk even though the line can be quite long sometimes. I know some of you would be like "what?", "a kiosk?". Well, some people might feel a little weird to get their eyebrows done at a kiosk, because they feel as if they are "on display" and others can see them. I was like that too, but once I was inside the kiosk, I didn't feel weird as much. And I have been going to the same place for months. I totally love the service. The Shapes Brow Bar stylists only use threading method to remove unwanted facial hair and shaping those eyebrows to perfection. I personally hates waxing my eyebrows because the hot wax tends to rip my skin off and I would have red wound or gash for weeks! I am not sure how many of you have had layers of skin ripped off during your wax session, but I did and I won't go back to waxing my eyebrows. I think my skin is just too sensitive.

For you who don't know what threading is (some of my friends did not know!) let me explain a bit what threading is:

Well, threading removes individual or a line of unwanted hair in one pull using threads. Plucking with tweezer allows for only one strand at a time. With threading, a stylist will have more control over the hair. Result? Beautiful, sexy eyebrow.

Also, threading is cheaper than waxing. No need for wax, muslin clothes or wax melting pot! I pay only $10 each time I go to Shapes Brow Bar. But the price also depends on the type of brows you have. The price is here

So if you have eyebrow threading available at your salons, go for it! By the way just so you know, I brought a friend of mine to Shapes Brow Bar and she cried a bit. She said she couldn't handle threading and would rather have her eyebrow waxed. I guess threading is not for everyone so I am giving you, first timers this little warning: expect some pain (which I think quite tolerable) or some minor discomfort. ^_~

Eyebrow Threading Result

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