Monday, September 5, 2011

Tsunku, Indies, Episode #10

Tsunku, Indies, Episode #10

Another week and this time Tsunku heads to the wota Disneyland of Akihabara .Akiba is a wonderful place for an Indie fan as the place is crawling with Indie Idols and soon to be Idols.

This week can be described as idols grab you off the street.

The ultimate dream of any fan it is to be captured by an idol while walking down the street. That didn`t happened, instead the targets were other idol groups .For the captured ones the punishment is to perform for Tsunku. Man an Idol cannot even enjoy a day off with Tsunku pulling you into his show.

We also have the returning feature of promote the Possible swimsuit DVD.
There is also Tsunku`s Idol pre-school as a bunch of 9-10 Idols have a late segment CM and find their inner diva.

If Tsunku wanted to keep doing this theme for a few weeks he could, Akiba is overflowing with Indie Idols.

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