Thursday, September 22, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Gen Update

Morning Musume 10th Gen Update

There is little time left for the hopefuls .It`s really hard to make a judgment on just a few minutes of footage as we don`t see everything the staff sees that day .Being a backdancer for Dorothy Little Happy has advantages , but is it enough to meet the demands of Morning Musume.

This audition like the 9th gen is more about life after the big names are gone. I don`t know how many he will pick ,Tsunku is a sneaky man and that smile on his face tells me he has what he wants from this audition and it may surprise us all.

The idea of all ten joining is over as two left Tashima Meru & Miyagi Ayumi seem to have dropped out ,will that open the door for two Eggs and keep Tsunku`s crazy idea he hinted at last week of a 18 member Musume ?

On a related note, their current single is currently their best selling single since 2007. How soon can we start 11th gen auditions, time to get back to what this group is famous for, idol creating. lol

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