Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google Reader on iPhone/iPad. Synchronize your blog list.

I have been frustrated a lot lately as I haven't been able to keep up with my fellow bloggers, especially those I follow since I am not always in front of a computer. I read and blog using my iMAC at home, and I wish I could do all that stuff with my iPhone you know since I am always on the go. If I am super busy, I will miss a lot of great posts and I don't want that to happen. A few weeks ago, I was browsing some apps on App Store as I was looking for something that would allow me to synchronize every blog I follow just like Google Reader, but I didn't see anything at all. But this morning, I checked the store again and this time I saw this App called Feeddler RSS Reader Pro. I read the description of the app and thought this could be it! Well, I bought it. They also have a trial version for free, but I got the Pro for $4.99. I thought it was the best $4.99 I've ever spent on an App. Ha! Ha! There's not much difference between the Free and the Pro. If you hate advertisements, and if you do a lot of keywords search in your RSS and get daily feed on that, or tweet about blog post, then I’d say you need a Pro version. :)

So here are some snapshots of the App: Feeddler RSS Reader. I highly recommend this App for those who read and blog a lot.

   I know I have 17 updates to do. LOL.

Pro Version Front Page/Main Menu. There's a SYNC button that allows you to sync this App with your Google Reader where you can choose to either sync all the blogs, or just the unread ones.

Plus, you also have the choice to sync all blog posts based on the updates. :)

This is the free version. You can't sync it. And if you click that Pro button on the right corner...

                                                                it will give you this.....

The list of the blogs I follow will be under "All Items" from the main menu. If I click that "All Items" button, I will see this (see picture below). The blue button means "unread" post. I can mark a blog post with a "star". :)  Isn't that neat?

If you click the title, you will see a blog post, but the post is not a complete one. Just a preview...

You can either click the "Full Text" button on the top right corner, and you will see this kind of post. Very basic. Or... can click the "more>>" button (next to the blog title/topic) and that will take you to this one (see picture below), you know like the one you see on a regular computer.:) You will see a header and sidebars just like the picture below.

Then of course, you can post comment if you want to. If a blogger has a word verification system, then you will have to hit the "preview" button first instead of "Post Comment", or it won't let you post or captcha word wont show up at all. I tried by clicking "Publish Your Comment" right away and it didn't go through at all. I was stuck on that same page. LOL.
Please note: I tried again few hours later, this seems to work O.K. now.

Yeah, JC @makeupdiary and I were tweeting back and forth about this App this afternoon.  :) She said she liked it :)

Can you see that arrow button at the bottom (see above picture) ? If you click that button, you can post the topic to Twitter, Facebook, etc (see picture below). But this is only for the Pro or paid version.

Also with paid version, you can search anything you want within your RSS. You also have an option to subscribe to that topic as your daily feed. Those feeds will go to special folders based on the topics.

So yeah, I am excited about this this App. because I won't miss any blog post anymore. I can update my list easily, read and comment, where ever and when ever. Everything is at my finger tips. You guys should try this out if you haven't yet. There's a free version. Like I said, I was looking for one good app and I finally found it this morning. :) I think this App came out not too long ago since it had only 59 ratings when I downloaded it this morning.

Happy Blogging!!


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