Sunday, July 17, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces Vol #4

 [Photo Ricotta Veil ,official image group for this series]
Time now for a fresh batch of fresh idols, for you to get a sneak preview of. This time I have 6 for you to give a try .They are Aminchu Girl ,Pinkish ,d-trance ,Cocoro Colon ,MMJ ,OS☆U .Some previews are full TV shows .

Aminchu Girl [Shiga Prefecture] アミンチュ Girl
All the girls are between 10-19 yrs old and known for their angelic voices.
They are owned by a TV station in Shiga

Pinkish [Saitama Prefecture]

Parts 2 ,3,

One of the hardest working Indies with over 100 concerts a year
The group has 4 members, but very little video is out of the 4 member lineup [Even with 4 members, for the most part only one sings]

Cocoro Colon [Nagano Prefecture]
[The PV is not in good quality , but the song is good

MMJ [Went to the same school as Musume`s Riho]
[Not even going to get into or defend their AKB Influences, readers can choose to accept these influenced units or not as there are many and not going away.] The thing that may hurt them the most is the group is 20-24 in age, so they may end up being just the top unit in Hiroshima. [Ryo plans a feature on them at some point]

OS☆U[Osu Super Idol Unit]

Even if you call yourself Super Idol Unit ,the road to Morning Musume`s level is a long one.

As I said in the past there is TV events for groups that are not in the top of the Oricon battles .

[9 min mark ,it says a lot when wotas hide their heads in shame ,just watch the bunch behind the wota who shows off for TV]

Parts 2to 4 can be found here

[If you would like to see any of these groups featured at a later time , pop their name or names in the comments area.]

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