Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Hair Color: Light Ash Brown by using Light Ash Blonde!

I just colored my hair last Saturday and so far I am loving it! It's vibrant and the color is perfect for summer. :)

Here is the picture, taken today with my iPhone and with no flash.  :)

 I have a natural jet black hair and it is hard to go lighter without using a bleach. I really didn't wanna go to that extreme. It might work for other girls but I don't think my hair (or scalp) could handle it. So I opted for 9% / 30 Volume Cream Developer instead to lift the color. For a hair dye, I chose blonde instead of brown because blonde color on black hair equals to brown! :) Brown dye on dark hair hmmm won't come out as good I am afraid. And since I wanted to go lighter, I went for a light ash blonde hair dye. Ash neutralizes the gold tone and helps reducing the brassiness in dark hair.  If I were to use golden blonde hair dye, I'd be walking around with an orange/ginger hair! So by using Light Ash Blonde, I achieved what I wanted: a Light Ash Brown hair. :)

What I used?

Professional Hair Products:

Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Cream Developer 8 OZ from Sally's Beauty. Cost: $2.99
Satin Light Ash Blonde 2 oz Hair Dye from another beauty store. Cost $8.99 and I needed 2 tubes since my hair is thick and long. 

I am not a professional hair colorist, but after doing it for so long, I just know what to do. I've been using drugstore hair colors most of the time and pro products occasionally. It is all depends on the color I want to achieve. Personally, I think professional hair colors are better than the hair colors sold at the drug stores. I don't mean they are bad, but they are not the same like the professional products. They are meant for consumers and they have low percentage/volume of cream developer so we won't mess up our hair/scalp. If I want to have messy free and fast hair coloring experience, I'd use drugstore hair colors for sure because with professional hair colors, I need to use a bowl, tinting brushes, hair clips, foils, cream remover and ear covers. That's what I did and it's a lot of work. No wonder hair salons charge $150 and up (where I am at) for hair coloring service.

That's all I want to share for today. :)


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