Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hayami Akari Catch Up

Hayami Akari Catch Up

The last time that I spoke of Hayami Akari, she was about to leave Momoiro Clover .Many of her fans feared the worst and a final goodbye to their idol as she retired to her private life.

Well that is not the case, here is a brief run down of what Akari has been doing since her graduation.

She was in a movie that was filmed before her graduation; she has been in no less then ten magazine shoots and was a guest actress in a music video.

Therefore, fans that were sad to see her leave the idol world, relax and put a smile on your face, for Akari is going just fine away from Momoiro Clover.

Her guest spot in a music video [She is not singing, one person sings the entire song both male and female parts]

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