Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My June's Favorite Beauty Products.

I have been neglecting this kind of post for a while, and I would like to go back to this since I think it's somewhat exciting to learn about bloggers' favorite beauty products. Here is mine for the month of June:

It's not a lot of products, but I think these items are very important to me last month because I was using them a lot! Most of them are already half empty. So let's start.

Favorite Makeup Removers:

Makeup remover is one of the most important beauty products to have. A facial cleanser alone won't do a great job at thoroughly removing my makeup so I need a few extra steps before I use any facial cleanser. But hey, if your cleansers can remove all traces of foundation and eye makeup, by all means just use them. :) 

Pond's Makeup Remover  - Cream Cleanser
This product does a great job at removing my foundation or lipstick. I really like it. One small bottle cost around $6 at CVS. 

Avon Eye Makeup Remover - Lotion Cleanser
It removes the most stubborn waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I bought it for $0.99 during Avon catalog sales. I will keep on repurchasing since I love it a lot. 

Up and Up Eye Makeup Remover - Liquid Cleanser
It does a great job at removing regular eye makeup (non waterproof). I love that it is not a lotion, and it is oil free. I only use this when I have a light makeup on. I think it cost around $4.50 at Target.

Favorite Primer:

I love using primer sometimes in my makeup routine since it holds my makeup longer that usual which I think is perfect for summer time. So in June, I was using Laura Mercier primer a lot. This is a sample that I got from Sephora using my Beauty Insider Card. It is oil free and so far it works for me. No breakout or no zits.

Favorite Foundation:

I like the fact that it is oil free and the sponge is stored at the bottom of the case and not on top of the powder. I use this for touch-up and also as my go to foundation when I am in a hurry. It doesn't give a full coverage but it is enough for a simple day out or for work.

It is oil free, light weight and gives a natural looking finish. I also like that the packaging of the product is portable and eco-friendly. 

Favorite Lip Products:

MAC Fast Play:

I love the rosy color, enough said. 

MAC Lip Gelee in Bubble Lounge:

Just some sparkly glossy lipgloss for a night out. :)

Favorite Body Lotion:

I love Lush Dream Cream body lotion since this is the only thing that cured the heat rash problem I had.

That's all for now. I hope to see some blog posts on June's favorite soon!


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