Sunday, July 10, 2011

LOTD with New Favorite Lipstick and Lipgloss : MAC SNOB and VIVA GLAM GAGA 2

Happy Sunday!

I am just letting you guys know that I am loving these 2 lip products at the moment!

MAC lipstick: SNOB and MAC lipglass: VIVA GLAM GAGA 2

So here are the swatches:

MAC Lipstick: SNOB


So far, I really love these 2 colors and I have been wearing them a lot lately. I love SNOB because the mauve color is so bright!:) The more color you add, the intense it gets. I think it's perfect for summer night when you are out on a date. I also bought myself the latest Viva Glam lipglass, the Viva Glam Gaga 2, which is a light sandy neutral color if I want to have nude or natural lips. I normally wear this during the day with almost no eye makeup on, or at night with smokey bold eye look. I remember the last lipglass I bought from Viva Glam collection was the VIVA Glam V and that was back in 2005! The color was very pretty and at that time MAC had Pamela Anderson as their MAC AIDS Fund spokesperson. Hmmm, I wonder if MAC still sell it. Well, maybe not since it's been years! They only have lipsticks now, except for this Gaga 2 lipsglass. Anyway, I love this lipglass color, and hopefully it doesn't get discontinued.

So..... which VIVA Glam # do you like the most? I am sure everyone has at least one favorite! Do share!



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