Friday, July 15, 2011



As a rock musician and fan of the genre, I am glad to see SCANDAL return to their roots and put out a straight edge rock track.

“LOVE SURVIVE!” shows exactly what this band is capable of ,that is being hard rock ,yet keeping their feminine style .I am also glad that they dropped the tradition school uniforms ,for the hot girls going to the club look .This style works for them and is a good change of pace look.

As to the costume change word coming out of their camp is that the uniforms are gone for good as they are no members still in school and it`s time for a change. Let’s see if their handlers will let them keep that word.

I am not saying they should go all ZONE, but I’d be Ok with the Blank! I look hot version 2 SCANDAL if they go that way .For me it all comes down to one thing first for me and SCANDAL and that is their music and these ladies just rock and get the job done.

Side note there is a silent goodbye bye to their uniforms at the end

“LOVE SURVIVE!” drops on July 27

In case of delete  here is a download copy

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