Monday, August 8, 2011

Afilia Saga East: La*La*La Raborution Video Goodness

Afilia Saga East: La*La*La Raborution Video Goodness

It`s time for some more summertime idol swimsuit videos .This time it`s the moe maid cafe idols of Afilia Saga East. This is by far the most under rated group in the industry, a unit that deserves to be more popular then they really are, however their thing is working and fans of this cafe franchise are head over heels for these idols, regardless of Oricon rankings.

So enjoy Afilia Saga East as they bring a reminder of summertime as only they can do. I can`t recall the number of times idols have kissed the camera before in a video as Afilia Saga East does. The videos that come in the DVD has so much pact into them, that I don`t know were to start breaking the videos down, so I`ll just let you be surprised. If your a fan of Afilia Saga East ,the song and video will leave you happy and ready for summertime fun. If you have never experienced Afilia Saga East ,now is a goodtime to start.

Version One of PV

Version Two

As a bonus: Fear The Panda [Kohime]

One thing about a moe idol, they can and will find a way to make you give them every yen you have.

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