Sunday, August 7, 2011

AKB48: Flying Get Short Version PV

AKB48: Flying Get Short Version PV

 [Note-Photo is CD Type A Cover ]

My apologies to AKB48 fans for not being able to get this up sooner.

Recently I reported on the announcement that AKB48`s new single "Flying Get" would be an 18 minute epic .The 18 minute film version will come in the DVD ,while a standard version has been released to TV for promotions.

The video features the members of AKB48 dressed in Chinese costumes and going head to head with swords to prove who is the strongest fighter in a traditional martial arts type mini film .Between the fight scenes is a performance video.

A lot of time and work was put into this video and it shows, with great looking costumes, an interesting story and perfectly used CGI effects. It`s amazing what a video can do for a song when you put some thought into it and a budget.

In some ways the music reminds me of a Hello!Project type song that for years now has bored me to tears . However even if they actually wanted to go down that path "Flying Get" shows that whatever style music they want to release they will still do it better then anyone else in the industry.

In the end, "Flying Get" grabs your attention quickly and by the end, you find yourself wanting the full 18-minute version . This is a video when little is not enough.

flyingget by Bored4Lyfe

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