Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fresh Faces: pramo, New Regional Idols

Fresh Faces: pramo, New Regional Idols

Welcome to PIH Akita`s pramo .If your wondering were they are located on a map, this is just north of Sendai.

pramo is the latest of fresh idol units coming out of the northern regions and they are the latest to be starting their activities after the earthquake hit the Tohoku Region .  pramo is made up SONOKA, MIYU, KOMUGI, SEREN, MAYU, and every member was born between 94-98.

PRAMO has quickly become the go to unit in their home area, racking up a number of endorsements and if their early signs are any indication of future growth, don`t be surprised to see this unit traveling down to Tokyo at some point.  To be a national idol unit, you have to work the Tokyo-Osaka markets heavily .Notice any group you follow how much time they put into promotions in Tokyo and Osaka and view their standings on the scene.

While there is not a lot of history with this unit yet, they are very hard working doing, as many as 18-19 event activities in a month and from the looks of things that schedule may grow even more active.

Therefore, here is a video look at PRAMO and one of the newest units in the idol ranks. For a unit that has only been active for short time, there is a lot of video on them .This is just a small sample.



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