Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy Live Event

Dorothy Little Happy Live Event
The original content of this post had to be edited, due to lost content .I have replaced it with the following a DLH DVD footage, it`s not a full DVD, just a preview of the best parts and a pre- earthquake fan event in full.
EDIT- The July 9-10 fan lives is no longer archived ,The concert is still up.

And a pre earthquake fan event

Parts 2-6

 July 10  [No longer Archived]

July 9  [No longer Archived]

If you want to try to watch the concert you can ,the sound is really low and hard to hear

Since the earthquake, this unit has been one of the hardest working units out, bringing love, joy and happiness from Tokyo to Sendai and all points in between.

August 14 Live Costumes

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