Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BiS Enter Oricon Top 30 For First Time

BiS Enter Oricon Top 30 For First Time

Super rebel idol unit BiS reached a new milestone in their young non-traditional idol career by having their highly controversal single "My LXXX" reach number 26 [it was also their first time in the top 50] on the Oricon daily charts. The young idol unit shared the wonderful news with their fans at their own music festival titled "BiS Festival" .The "BiS Festival" featured a rock -idol mix of four bands in total . Groups at the "BiS Festival" were the rock bands the milky tangerine, Fujirock and the idol unit tengal6, with BiS of course the headliners.

BiS was nothing short of fantastic as they entertained everyone at the event with their brand rebellious idol rock-pop style. Many times during the live the members of BiS were overcome by tears from the outpouring of love and support for this fresh unit.

BiS ended the festival by announcing yet another milestone on December 20 they will have their first “ONEMAN LIVE” [Solo group concert] .Solo oneman are a very important step in an Indies development as it represents the point of being able to sell out an live house without the need of support acts.

Keep in mind Indies don`t have a big media machine behind them to make them super idols ,everything they accomplish they earn the hard way , by busting their backsides on the streets handing out flyers ,doing endless amounts of live shows and making as much merchandise they can think of.

By reaching oneman live status, BiS hard work has started to payoff and a great 90 minute to two-hour concert awaits everyone who will be attending.

BiS is also reaching out to the international market with a brand new account at soundcloud, which their songs have been uploaded for full previews.

It`s a really great idea and site ,just click play on any song and sit back ,the rest of the songs below it will play one by one.

BiS are making controversy and fans and are one to watch out for.

"BiS Festival"
the milky tangerine

tengal6 [another non-traditional idol unit, kind of a pop-funk version of 2NE1] .They often do lives with BiS


[This clip includes BiS well known about fan service kiss]


BiS Soundcloud

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