Monday, August 1, 2011

DiVA Generation 2 Auditions

DiVA Generation 2 Auditions

For the first time in history an AKB48 sub unit will be adding non AKB48 .The group who I believe could break away completely from AKB48 and have a major impact career ,DiVA is adding generation two members.

Applicants will be between 18 and 23 and must have dance experience, no raw trainees in this audition. The audition will last three rounds with the final round consisting of performing in front of the members of DiVA. Everyone who passes will become Office48 agency members and members of DiVA. No word if this will open the door to AKB48 membership for the winners.

Who knows maybe DiVA will become a super idol group  of it`s own ,with multiple teams .Why not with HKT48 forming Akimoto already has over 200 girls in his empire ,what’s 30-48 more right .

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