Wednesday, August 17, 2011

S/mileage 2nd Gen Video look + Future Speculations

S/mileage 2nd Gen Video look + Future Speculations

S/mileage staff has uploaded video of the new member announcement on their YouTube channel. First thing, you will notice ,S/mileage is crying before the first member was ever announced .This was a hard sale for them , but will make them better , much like when Morning Musume first expanded.

Future Speculation

Are the girls that were not selected being saved for Morning Musume 10th gen? After all the rules said clearly, you could audition for both groups or are these subbing members and the unpicked members in the plans for a new unit?

New Unit?
Well Tsunku opened that door .When Tsunku made the new member announcement, he also muddied the waters bysaying, that if one or more sub members does not fit the missing part for S/mileage as full members, that the option was there for a new project.

Now is the new project that he hinted to a new unit? Including the unselected members.

Whatever the reasons for adding these five girls, the industry now has five new idols to get to know and more questions then answers.

The rest of this year, is going to be one if your an H!P fan worth watching as something is in the works at H!P and it could go a long way in tipping the hand about the future of this agency.

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