Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fresh Faces: Fairies Live Debut Part 1

Fairies Live Debut Part 1

The new teen idol unit from the company that guides SPEED and many others held their first live at Aeon Mall Oota.

The debut live is part of a mall tour that will see them hit the following locations Kawasaki Lazona, Aeon Mall Tsurumi, and Aeon Mall Musashi Murayama .

Fairies at the lives treated onlookers and new supporters with their debut songs, which will be released on September 21.

As expected from a more mainstream agency, these middle school idols are well trained and work just like just like any other mainstream unit.

Footage below
Song For You - as soon as this rock style song started, it sparked my interest, as my background is rock; it always warms my heart when idols rock out.

The dance is nothing to write home about, but is different then other unit singles that are out now.

More Kiss -is a classic Vision Factory style song, which you would see from a group like SPEED. It also has a more mainstream unit dance

Please follow link for part 2 as I split the post into two separate segments.

Part 2

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