Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fresh Faces: Fairies

Fresh Faces: Fairies

A very short time ago Vision Factory the company behind Amuro Namie, SPEED, DA Pump and many more artists announced their newest idol unit  Fairies. The name comes from the concept that the members are as cute as fairies.

Fairies are made up of middle school idols Ito Momoka, Fujita Miria, Nomoto Sora, Hayashida Haruka, Shimomura Mio, Kiyomura Kawane, and Inoue Rikako.

It has not taken long for the agency to get this unit active as it`s been a couple of days [two counting today], since the press release of their debut.

Fairies have released a debut single teaser and activated a number of social media services.

There is still very little information as this unit is only days old, however the teaser, shows that with SPEED as elder sisters to learn from, this unit could grow be a new power player in the genre.

 More Kiss teaser

Social Media!/fairies_me

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