Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy Live Event

Dorothy Little Happy Live Event

The other day I wanted to bring you the full concert from the August 14 by Dorothy Little Happy, however the audio was so bad, that I could not do it. I have however managed to put together some clips from the 14th live and their Q and A, a few hours ago from the Tokyo Idol Festival.


If your not familiar with this Sendai based group .They are made up of five girls aged 14-16 and Mari aged 15 is the lead vocalist and at times lead talker .This adorable idol loves to talk. They also have their own extra back up dancers that can make the unit as large as ten members at times. They are also one of our featured Idol coverage as they are a bright star over Sendai.

 full DLH Archives

Features Mari

I am adding this clip just because I like the song and dance

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