Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Afilia Saga East Live Event

Afilia Saga East Live Event

On August 20, Afilia Saga East held a live event that was titled as a battle between them and their producer Halko.

The live starts with their very popular Indie artist/ producer Halko [Haruko Momoi] .If you are familiar with the group UNDER 17, then you have likely seen her perform. Momoi is a classic anime style singer and does a lot of work in that industry, from composing songs, to performing and voice acting.

For me the crown jewel of this live is the idols of moe Afilia Saga East. If you never seen this group perform live, then shame on you [just kidding, lol.]

ASE is just like every other Indies, live concerts are the main focus for Indies and a great deal of time is used on creating live shows that stand out over other units. ASE lives are just as entertaining as any idol unit out.

You really can see a lot of Momoi`s style in ASE

Afilia Saga East Live Event

[There is a video technical error right as ASE starts ,but is quickly fixed]

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