Monday, August 29, 2011

Darkness Lashes Pictures and Review

I've finally got a chance to try this brand. Yay!  I loves wearing lashes and I normally buy either MAC or Ardell because they are so easy to get and that's all I was used to. I have heard a lot of great things about Darkness lashes, or Asian brands eyelashes in general,  but I never really bothered to buy any since they are so hard to get. So technically, Darkness is my first Asian brand lashes. I bought it from a beauty store called Palace Beauty in Korea Town Galleria, Los Angeles not too long ago.

Darkness K.Ma 9 lash:

I love the style and the flirty look of the lashes I picked. Darkness 9 is not super dramatic (the kind of lashes I like) so it is suitable to be worn during the day. I love them! I actually thought I didn't need any eye makeup because the lashes are so pretty that they already enhanced my eyes. Ha!Ha!

What I think about this brand?
Well, Darkness carries many styles by the way, from the simplest one to the most dramatic ones. The price is not that expensive. It is quite affordable actually. I paid $4.50 per box and it comes with 2 pairs of lashes. This K.ma9 style is adorable. I love the criss-cross and the spiky look which I think is super cute! They are great for pictures by the way. The best thing is that the lashes are not as soft and flimsy like most lashes so they will last for a while if you take good care of them. Unfortunately, since the band is harder than the usual American brand lashes, I had a hard time putting these lashes on. Maybe that's because I was used to those flimsy and softer band/lashes. Also throughout the day, I can feel these lashes on my lid, but it's okay because there's always a price for beauty! And with lots of practice, I will get used to putting these lashes on. :) Overall, I still recommend this brand since the lashes are great, super cute and beautiful. Your eyes will stand out that's for sure.

If you know any other Asian brand lashes that you would like to share, please let me know! I'd love to try other brands!


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