Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spend Your Life With AKB48

Spend Your Life With AKB48

This falls under the category of this is just over the top. Have you ever wanted to spend your life with AKB48? I don`t mean as a fan, I mean live your day-to-day life with a member of AKB48.

Well that is not going to happen, but they have done the next best thing ,AKB48 apartments. AKB48 has teamed up with Apaman Shop to create the AKB48 fans dream come true, an apartment called "AKB48 Voice Rooms". These special apartments will be for purchase across Japan starting in September and will include the ability to hear the voices of the top 12 members in the Senbatsu.

AKB48 Voice Rooms’ will have sound sensors installed in various parts of the room, which when pressed you can hear one of the members say a wide range of things such as "Good Morning! "or even better "Welcome Home!"

The interior design will feature AKB48 related items such as life size member shower curtains, towels and more. In other words every place you look, you will see and hear AKB48 living life with you.

It`s all the more reason for a wota to never get married, when he can just date his apartment.

Just when I think AKB48 can`t come up with anything else, their management tops everybody again and dominates the media.

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