Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fresh Faces: FullMooN.13

This is one band, which I have to balance a personal reason for sharing this band, with their story as a band.

FullMooN.13 [don`t use .13 when saying their name] is an all female Akihabara based Goth Loli rock band that musically at times will remind you of an female An Cafe . However that is were that relationship starts and ends, while they do have many influences they are in their own little world and have created their own style.

While the band looks like a Visual Kei band and has a fantasy world theme, this is not a Visual Kei band,  they are Akiba Rock.

Each members costume represents a certain meaning, as their concept theme is that they are all moon princesses.
Their costumes represent the princesses Blue Moon, Pink Moon, Green Moon, Red Moon, and Yellow Moon.

As you can expect from an Akiba based band, they have an anime spin to their concept. and that is reflective in everything about them , starting with a full fantasy world history they have created with the members coming from the FullMooN.13 Kingdom a land of happiness ,music and peace ,before BlackMooN.13 over ran the kingdom. From this the princesses were put into a sleep until they awaken to find their sister Blue Moon who was on earth ,so that they could defend the kingdom through their magical music. Using the anime theme here, Blue Moon would be this band’s Sailor Moon in terms of importance.

They like any other unit are not without lineup changes and since their debut in 2008 they have had eight members with three princesses, who have fallen [graduated].

Despite being active for only a short time, they have performed in cities across Japan on tour, performed at several rock-pop festivals and are growing a cult like following.

In December 2009, they performed at a rock festival aired on Fuji TV and they currently have their own web show and have done a radio show as well as a PC game-ending theme.

To date FullMooN.13 have released 1 single, 1 album and a full length DVD

When you get past all the costume visuals and concept story, it still comes back to music .While having a typical raw, not heavily produced sound like all Indies have; this is a solid band.

Musically you will never mistake this band for the Gazette, nor are their fans asking them to be the Gazette. In their short time together as a band , they have come a long way and will only get better .FullMooN.13 in five years time will sound nothing like the band of today and I look forward to comparing the two bands at that time .

FullMooN.13 are not your everyday type idols and it`s not even fair to call them that as they may have idol and Visual Kei styles to them ,they beat to their own drum and are simply FullMooN.13 a experience all it`s own.

Members Blogs [Blue] [Pink] [Green] [Yellow] [Red]



For a rocker like me, this band is fun live. Small Live houses sound systems stink, they are much better then the sound may show at times on these clips. Imagine performing in shoebox, this is what these lives are like.

[This track has an An Cafe feel to it all happy, crowd jumpy, and music breaks]

Condensed version of their concert

PV Short Clips + Random Songs

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