Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fresh Faces: AKG

Fresh Faces: AKG

When I first wrote about this unit the group had a different name AKG48 .Well it seems that the 48 has been dropped and the unit is now known as AKG .AKG by the way means Akagi .Akagi is a well-known mountain in Gunma.

AKG is very new having made their debut this past march and they are slowly making a home region name. Their live show is made up of almost all AKB48 songs , giving Aki-P a nice royalty check every live ,however they do have a debut single called “Knee High☆Lover” that is pretty catchy and shows that over time ,they will have a nice original set list.

Call them AKG or AKG48 ,it make little difference as no one cares if a number is after their name ,wotas just love idols ,regardless of the name,  this unit has a lot of potential as this single shows.

Instead of showing you a mini live filled with AKB48 cover songs, I am going to show you a TV show that they were on recently.

When this show was recorded, the graphics still showed the name as AKG48.

[Their HP never changed they just removed the 48]
[Stayed with the same blog as before]

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