Friday, August 5, 2011

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - Review and Swatch

BB Creams are very popular in Asia, and now they are making their way to the U.S. market. 

But, what is BB Creams?

"Blemish Balm, also called BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin."

Fancy uh? And oh, BB creams have multiple benefits such as anti blemishes, anti wrinkles, whitening, skin smoothing, sun protections, blemish covers and also can be worn as a makeup base or a foundation...a skincare product with makeup function. Who doesn't want that?

Let me tell you, I've never heard of BB Cream until my Korean friend told me about it. I was way, there's no such thing! I was not really interested in trying until I came across some reviews by beauty bloggers. I read some amazing things. Some girls liked it, some did not. Some says that BB Cream is too heavy and it causes zits and bumps. Oh well, everyone's skin is different. Despite some mixed reviews, I still wanted to buy one. So I browsed and some other Korean websites to find that one BB Cream and I was having a hard time since all the BB Creams colors are too light for my tanned complexion. I guess after too many complaints from the consumers, one brand finally listened and made some new darker shades. I guess I was lucky to have found it since I had been searching for The One for months!
PS: If you read this Skin79, please hurry up and make some darker colors as well!

 M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ 

 I bought this product from its official website: for $29.99.
At the moment Missha is having a sale. Their BB Creams are now available at $20.99.

Available Colors: 

# 31 Golden Beige

#13 Milky Beige

#21 Light Beige

#23 Natural Beige

#27 Honey Beige

What's written on the tube: 
MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB Cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. 

Missha BB Cream #31 Golden Beige Swatch:

What I think about Missha BB Cream:

I think this is a great product! I have been using it every day for the past 3 weeks and I notice my skin texture has improved dramatically. I have a sensitive, acne prone skin and this product hasn't caused any zits, bumps or blemishes. Yay! As a matter of fact, it helps lighten up some sun spots and smooth out acne scars. I am very picky when it comes to skin care products but this one is a winner. I also use this BB Cream as my everyday foundation. The coverage is great! It gives such a nice and natural-looking coverage. I think I will be buying some other products from Missha. If this one works great for me, I am sure the other products are great as well!

I guess that's all for now.. Happy Friday!!

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