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Fresh Faces: CANDY-GO! GO!

Fresh Faces: CANDY-GO! GO!

CANDY-GO! GO! Is another of the fresh faced idol units that has popped up in 2010. The members are from Tokyo, Ibaraki, and Saitama. CANDY-GO! GO! Is a very active unit performing as many as 20 lives a month and are little older then mainstream Idols ranging between 18-20, but more the average age for Indie idols.

What makes this unit win over my heart from a fan standpoint is that their  image is that they are a “Shibuya-Kei Girls Rock Idol Unit” [Think Buono!]. This is actually a style that is picking up in the Indies and looks likely to grow even more.

Currently CANDY-GO! GO! Is made up of the following members
Yumi: , Ayane :
Shouko: , Kana : ,
Tomoka: , Nagisa :

From a live standpoint, this unit performs their own original releases and anime track covers, set to an up-tempo beat. Their fan group is called by the way “Candy Strike”.

CANDY-GO! GO! not only has a full active live event schedule ,they have an 1 hour web show every Monday [subscription fee] and every other Thursday night they have a radio show called “Candy Talking”.

So while this may not be a major name idol unit, they are doing exactly the same things that any unit from Hello! Project would do.



Parts 2-3 of TV show

Moving On ,lol

PV :We Are !!!!!!

One of the most covered songs in Indies Don`t Say Lazy

Why Being An Indie Is So Great [Freedom To Play With Fans]

YouTube Channel


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